Frightfully Nostalgic

Ah nostalgia. This day 15 years ago I landed in Sydney for some post South East Asia, full moon party, rest and recuperation. In hindsight, Halloween probably wasn’t the calmest of nights to arrive.

I had planned this ‘once in a lifetime’ trip for a while and I intended to be away for 18 months. I had saved up €10,000 throughout the year – equating to $20,000 AUS – packed in my job and planned to live life to the full before the money ran out. I’m glad to say I did just that.

I think I lasted 9 months until I was down to the last 2k and with a 3 month Australian road trip planned and a car to buy I decided to get a job. While most backpackers were applying for data entry jobs, labouring and call centre work I decided to chance my arm and aim a little higher by applying for an IT/marketing role in a law firm. It paid off, quite literally. I got the job, along with my own office on the 53rd floor overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge and I was paid 1.5k a week for 10 weeks. For a 25 yo backpacker this was an insane amount of money. I had landed on my feet.

Anyway I won’t bore you with any more details but without doubt it was the best time of my life and it allowed me to travel to many far flung destinations of which New Zealand Vietnam were firm favourites and i can’t wait to go back there with the kids some day.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this, oh yes Halloween kicked it off, but if I took anything from my experience it’s that you should always take a chance and aim as high as you can regardless of what other people say or what other people do or are doing. It’s easy to be another brick in the wall. It’s easy to be just another number. If having kids has thought me on anything it’s that life goes by very very very quickly so make the most out of it. Make the most out of your situation and make the most out of the world we live in.

Travel. Your money will return, your time wont.


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